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The Gathering of Gargoyles Fans

5/28/08 01:11 am - megca86

Review of Bad Guys #3: Sorry if this review seems really scattered, I'm mad tired and have been writing it in fits and starts over the past few hours.


BAD GUYS is definitely heating up, and I LOVED the backstory on the Canmore sibs, but I'm interested to see the "main plot" develop. Halfway through the LS and we really have not advanced the "main" plot at all. I'm kinda really ready to get to the present-day action. But I still really, really liked this issue, and it looks like the next will really kick things into overdrive.

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5/5/08 09:07 pm - megca86 - Review of BAD GUYS #2.

Also, Diamond tentatively has the date for BAD GUYS #3 as May 14, yay!

SPOILERS for BAD GUYS #2 under the cut.Collapse )

4/30/08 02:36 pm - megca86

Hey all, just a reminder that BAD GUYS #2 is out today. The cover is at the GargWiki, and the issue itself looks pretty rocking. My comic store is already sold out, so I'll be posting a review later in the week, but feel free to share your thoughts here, just put a spoiler warning at the top of the comment.

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3/30/08 02:46 am - megca86

As always, x-posted to a lot of Gargoyles comms; sorry if I'm spamming your flist. :\


Final rating: 4.5 stars out of 5, and only because this is the middle issue of a trio and therefore a lot is setup for the third installment (and there's a little too much obvious backdoor piloting for PENDRAGON). I have to admit, I thought issues #1-6 were decent, but #7 and now #8 have really blown them out of the water and raised the bar. I absolutely can't wait for #9...and after that we get the granddaddy of them all, the TimeDance. CAN'T. WAIT.

3/25/08 01:35 pm - megca86

Hey all,

Just a heads up that Gargoyles #8 is slated to be released tomorrow (Wed, March 26). The solicitation states "From the Holy Land to the British Isles... everyone wants a piece of the Rock. Xanatos, Macbeth, Coldsteel, Thailog, Merlin, Cu Chullain and the gargoyles strive to find it, possess it and learn its darkest secrets. All this and Fox's new shoes in CLAN-BUILDING, Chapter 8: Rock & Roll."

The interiors are done by Hedgecock and Bevard, the cover by Guler Hedgecock and Molina. Based on #7, this issue should be absolutely kickass, so I highly urge everyone to grab it. I'll try to post a review tomorrow; if not tomorrow, certainly sometime within the next week.

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1/28/08 06:50 pm - megca86

Review of Gargoyles: Clan Building, Volume One

Read more...Collapse )

Overall, a solid investment; I think it's worth getting for the corrections/lightened colors/convenience/just to have, even if you already own all six issues.

What'd you guys think?

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1/17/08 11:58 pm - megca86

Hey, fellow Gargoyles fans!

So as I hope everyone in this comm knows, Gargoyles isn't dead. In fact, it is being continued in comic form right now. Greg Weisman is writing it, and it continues the series after the last episode of the second season. It's a good comic--the writing is topnotch, and while the art was somewhat uneven to begin with, it has really been fabulous the last few issues.

To date, there are 7 issues out plus the first issue of a related limited series, Gargoyles: Bad Guys. But if you feel like you're too behind to pick the comic up now, never fear! The series' first trade paperback, Gargoyles: Clanbuilding: Volume One is currently slated to hit stores this upcoming Wednesday, the 23rd. This trade paperback collects issues 1-6 with a handful of extras, so if you're looking to pick the title up, all you need to do is grab the trade, grab #7, and you're all caught up!

In all seriousness, the comic is really good and with the extras, the trade deserves at least a flip-through. And as it collects the first six issues at actually less than what you'd pay for them individually, it's kind of a bargain. So I would definitely recommend checking it out. :)

(Cross-posted to a bunch of different communities, sorry for those of you who are seeing this more than once!)

11/1/06 05:06 pm - sharamordinae - Gargoyle Webcomic issue 3

This post is for all my gargoyle groupies.

Issue number 3 of the gargoyle webcomic is up for viewing.


It's the next installment of Christine Morgan's Fan fiction Titled "Kittens"

We still have Ellen's fan fiction Silver bullets up for viewing if you missed it.

10/19/06 12:11 pm - great_wolf - Say hello to the new maintainers!

*pats the two maintainers*


8/31/06 04:40 pm - great_wolf - Hello Gargoyles fans..and intro!

This is the community for the "Gargoyles" fans who felt as an outcast in your high school and the "Gargoyles" cast was like your family!
Like me, for example....

I am your maintainer/mod/admin thingy, Great_wolf!

I am a 23-year-old college student in TN, and I too was like all of you guys. I was an outcast all four years of my life in high school and all of my friends, by my senior year, that would talk to me, turned thier backs on me and we went our seperate ways. THEN I discovered the "Gargoyles". Every day I came home and watched the show and wrote fan-fiction based on it, and it seemed to sooth my sadness... *sniffle, sniffle*

I bet you all feel the same way too, eh?

Feel free to join others like yourself and post and MEET FANS JUST LIKE YOU!!

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